Introducing Ourselves | Who Are We?

Welcome to our Family Blog!

We are Sean and Hayle, and together we’re The Santellas. Aka a newly-wed couple that often forgets to wear their rings and loves discovering new coffee shops.

Three and a half years ago we moved across the country to a new and exciting city. Although we love our new home, we often feel far away and disconnected from our families. That’s where this Website and our YouTube Channel come in handy. We hope to fill a void by keeping our close friends and families updated with our day-to-day lives through blog posts and videos.

Gamer, snowboarder, black coffee drinker.

Enjoys playing video games, tennis competitions, and working on his car.

Content-maker, camper, latte coffee drinker.

Enjoys spending time working out, trying new recipes, and watching youtube videos.

Not only do we want this to be a space to share updates with our family, but we also want to use it as a place to document memories for ourselves. Not just a spot to share our happy highlight reel, but also to share the struggles and hard times that are inevitable. #reallife

We first built this website with a blog in-mind, but until we were ready-to-go with that we substituted it as our Wedding Website. Over the next two weeks or so we’ll continue to share our wedding stories – but after that, we can’t wait to take a deep dive into the ‘Santella Coffee Cabinet’, bring you along on our weekend adventures, and stow you away in our carry-ons while we explore the world.

Expect to see new blog posts on Wednesday’s and Friday’s along with new videos every Friday!

Until Sean starts chipping in his half, I’m going to take credit for all of the content we release. 😉 haha

But that being said, I plan to pull inspiration from two different families that create similar video content… The SacconeJolys and The Michalaks. To me, they both create amazing content but in different ways. The SacconeJolys are great at showing day-to-day life, just picking up the camera and going. On the other hand, The Michalaks have the most beautiful and cinematic weekly videos! Two ends of the spectrum really. I’d like to mesh these two styles into one, allowing me to flex my creative skills with more cinematic videos, but still giving me the leeway to just run around with a camera like a madman.

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