Our Engagement Story

We have some exciting news to share today and I’m sure you already know by the title of this post, but we’re engaged! Sean and I are both so excited to start sharing our lives as a little family and we’ve already started planning our wedding. But I’ll save planning details for another post, today I wanted to talk about our engagement story and how Sean proposed.

If you’re subscribed to my personal YouTube channel then you’ll already know that we went to Hawaii the last week of October. We jumped on the opportunity when it presented itself – the flights were cheap and we were able to stay with a friend that lives on the island of Ohau!

The first full day that we were in Hawaii was also my Birthday. We got up that morning and enjoyed a nice breakfast at Morning Brew – their banana pancakes are to die for! From there, we went back home and got ready to go on a hike with our friend Cody. We decided to hike the Makapu’u Point Lighthouse Trail, which was about 3.2 miles out and back and had spectacular views at the overlook.

Once we got to the overlook we were having an amazing time taking in the views and snapping some photos. There was an absolutely gorgeous view of the coastline and I was in awe of the expansive ocean. We were able to get some pretty photos of the landscape and while Cody was taking a photo of us, Sean suddenly got down on one knee and proposed!

I was completely surprised and had no idea – to this day I’m not sure how he pulled it off without me finding out. I’m so happy that Cody was there to capture the proposal on camera, we’ll forever cherish the photos he took of that special moment.

My favorite part of the whole thing was when Sean opened the ring box upside down! It was so quirky, different, and just made the whole moment more memorable.

After the proposal was all said and done I was in complete shock and had no idea what to do next, nor did I care what we did. I was on cloud 9. We snapped a few more photos and then headed back down the mountain.

Once we got back to the house we called our parents right away, and of course, they already knew! Sean told everyone, his co-workers, friends, and both of our families. He kept joking that if I had found out, it would have been his own fault because he kept telling everyone.

We decided to keep our engagement a secret until we got back from our trip. The reason we decided to wait until we got back to make the big announcement was because we wanted to enjoy our first week of engagement, just the two of us. We didn’t want to spend our valuable time in Hawaii on the phone excitedly telling everyone. So, we waited until the day after we returned before we called all of our relatives and friends.

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