Wedding Details

When and Where.

Sean and Hayle will be getting married in August 2019 on a gorgeous mountain Lake in Idaho.

Who’s Invited.

As we begin our journey into marriage we wish to share this special moment with only a handful of immediate family members. 

Although we wish to share this exciting event with all our close family and friends, something more intimate just felt right. 

Post-Ceremony Celebration.

We will be having a party to celebrate our marriage over Labor Day weekend in the Chicagoland area. For this casual celebration, we hope that all of you can attend! Formal invitations to follow.

The Registry.

We understand that although you might not be attending our ceremony that you may still want to send us a gift – you are a wonderful humanbeing.

For everyone’s convenience, we’ve registered at a few different places. Our entire registry (no matter the store) can be viewed here and is linked at the top of this website.